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Outdoor Specialties is the place to call for parking lot striping in Brainerd, MN and surrounding areas. We are called upon to perform this parking lot line painting process for one or more of three reasons. When existing lines have become faded to a certain point, restripes become necessary, whether the strips designate parking sites, pedestrian walkways, or serve other purposes.

When a parking area surface has just had sealcoating applied, the lines usually need to be repainted. This is sometimes called striping over seal. It is not really much different than doing restripes because the old parking lot lines are usually still visible. The third type of striping involves a little more work, a great deal more work actually. This is when the parking lot is brand new, which is to say it has just received a coating of asphalt pavement, and a layout will have to be designed before any lines can be painted in.

Most of these types of projects naturally take place on commercial properties. We also do line painting on pedestrian plaza areas and in conjunction with highway improvement projects. On a somewhat smaller facility maintenance scale, we do line painting or repainting on both public and private tennis, basketball, and other sports courts.

If the lines in your commercial building parking lot are becoming a bit hard to see, it is probably not your eyesight that is to blame. All parking lot lines require repainting from time to time. We perform this type of work quickly and efficiently, and each and every line will be arrow-straight, unless it is not supposed to be.

Get in touch with us today, tell us of your needs, let us give you an estimate, and if you are in agreement, we will get to work!

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