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Outdoor Specialties is a leader in the asphalt repair and maintenance industry, and we are a business you can rely on for asphalt maintenance in Brainerd, MN. Properly maintained asphalt pavement will stand up a long time under normal usage, but when this type of pavement is not adequately maintained, it will begin to deteriorate, sometimes within a few years. Asphalt pavement consists of a mixture of asphalt, which is a petroleum produce, gravel, and sand.

Gravel and sand do not deteriorate, but chemical spills, solar radiation, and oxidation all contribute to a slow deterioration of the asphalt itself. The primary types of maintenance we perform are crack sealing, patching, and sealcoating. Sealcoating prevents damage from occurring in the first place, while crack sealing and patching repairs damage and prevents it from worsening. Outdoor Specialists maintains asphalt pavements on residential and commercial properties as well as for industrial projects in the area.

Whether the work to be done involves a residential driveway, a roadway, or a large parking area or plaza, we can make an asphalt surface appear fresh and new again and crack and defect free, just as it was when it was first set in place. You will find our labor and material costs reasonable. We set a high standard for ourselves, not only in our work, but in the way we treat our customers.

Crack sealing is the most basic and important maintenance one can do to extend the life of your pavement. Continual sealing will prevent erosion of the base that causes voids and other structural defects. Outdoor specialties only uses DOT approved 3405 for crack sealants. That are far superior to any other products on the market.

Asphalt patching is not only deformed to repair deteriorated surfaces but also for utility installations and sub surface repair work. Patching can be done in a variety of ways such as infrared heat blending, surface milling, or full depth replacement to accommodate any repair need and budget.

If your pavement is more than 3 years old, or it has been that long since it has been treated, give us a call today. Let us do the necessary work to keep it in tip-top shape.

The primary types of maintenance we perform are crack sealing, patching, and sealcoating.

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