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Welcome to Outdoor Specialties! We serve homeowners, commercial establishments, and property managers who are responsible for the care and maintenance of asphalt surfaces in and around Brainerd, MN. As beautiful looking as that fresh, new asphalt pavement of yours may look today, it will not last forever. In addition to losing the like-new luster, your asphalt may slowly begin to deteriorate if not properly maintained.

It is our business to keep that from happening. A combination of weather, traffic, and chemical spills will cause degradation over time. Even sunlight can weaken asphalt over an extended period. Asphalt pavement does not last forever, but we can make it last a good long time, practically a lifetime in fact. Our specialties include sealcoating, crack repair, and replacement of badly damaged areas. We also restore lines that have faded over time or paint new lines on new surfaces.

We perform property maintenance functions as well, including lawn care, parking lot sweeping, and surfacing of sports courts, including tennis court surfacing and basketball court surfacing, as well as other sport court surfacing tasks, including line painting.

Ask us about our asphalt maintenance services. You will find they are much less expensive than tearing up badly damaged asphalt and replacing it. What we say is true: They pave it, we save it. Call now for a free estimate.

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